Some of the troubles that come up today will be tied to our past. If we perform steps 4 – 9 we can identify and amend most of this and eliminate these from reoccurring. In this section we are going to do a mock 4th step on the board, as a group. Doing this will reveal several important ideas that step 4 gives us.

(Draw columns, label the 4 columns, put 5 parts of self in column 3, Enter first resentment entry, get a few other general resentment examples from the group.)

Notice that no matter what is in column 1 and 2, column 3 is always the same in that “some part of our self is affected”. This helps us see that its best to pause and get calm so that we can get out of ourselves or get beyond our thoughts and emotions – and into the position of our spirit or innermost self where its more secure and peaceful- so that we can consider how to correct or respond to situations.

Step 4 also gives us a list of potential names of people we may have harmed and may want on the list for amends.

Bear in mind that all the things we did in the past were due to the disease of alcoholism. Our actions were not the fault of our innermost self or spirit – we were self-centered, not spiritually minded. If we could have done better back then, we simply would have. Plus, all we have done had to happen to get here today to learn how to live truly sober, face life successfully and awaken to our innermost self or spirit.

It’s suggested that you make a list of people that you have harmed and make direct amends wherever possible, except when to do so would injure them or others. Be willing to not repeat the past if possible and continue to pause, get calm and in the stillness seek guidance regularly. God will constantly reveal more to you.

This practice fulfills steps 4 – 9. Click to go to Part IV