Everything we recognize has a set of descriptions that surround it and give it meaning. For example, a ‘tree’ has a set of words like leaves, branches, trunk, roots, bark, etc. These words are a set of information that help us recognize it as a tree. We can represent this set of information with a new visualization tool called a WordPrint©.

Download the WordPrint Worksheet Here

Think of a WordPrint as an object’s thumbprint or blueprint. It helps list out the words and meanings that you give to things and uses the basic structure of an atom to picture these relationships. WordPrints show how identification is created by putting descriptive words around an abstract image.

Completing WordPrints help us develop the ability to see what things are made of and understand them in more ways than one. This helps interrupt ridged thinking and opens our mind to multiple viewpoints and perspectives. Being able to see things in many ways is a foundational skill of creativity. Having an integrated or multifaceted way of thinking helps in every area of life.

Using WordPrints help activate our Awareness of our selves and the world around us. When we are conscious and aware we are able to tap new power, new conceptions and new inspiration to act on our goals and higher intentions.

Check back for more updates on WordPrint activities and applications. In the meantime, download and print WordPrint sheets and see what kind of applications you can come up with! Let us know.

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Draw a simple image of the item and list all the descriptions and/or parts you can imagine to be associated with it! Next, below this, is a video that illustrates how I used Strong Self Awareness and the WordPrint to generate INNER POWER from MEMORIES and NEW associations to help me complete a HALF MARATHON in under 2 hours!

Enjoy yourself, enjoy the world, enjoy your awareness! Need more understanding or instructions for using WordPrints? Email: info@teachselfawareness.com