Everyone has an Awareness in them that they use everyday. The adoption of ‘Awareness’ as your primary identity can free you from the limitations of yourself. It can lift you above the heavy weights of worry, anxiety and fear associated with the experience of being human. As Awareness we can perceive the variety of outer circumstances, inner thoughts and emotions while maintaining a sense of calmness and wellness as our paramount position. This makes Identifying as Awareness an immense asset. It’s an idea to be prized above all else.

It’s easy to adopt Awareness as your primary identity because you are already using it. All day long all you do is move as Awareness from one thing to another. This is so frequent and repetitive that it usually goes unnoticed. But really look. You are viewing yourself and the world around you right now from an identity called Awareness.

To get a sense of this just try this simple exercise:

Look around your immediate environment. Place your awareness on something out there. If you are inside maybe its a lamp or a chair… if you are outdoors maybe its a tree, a house or a car.

Now, move your awareness from that thing and place it on something else. Notice how ‘You as Awareness’ are able to move from one thing to another.

Try it now on a few more things just to get a sense for how it is to be an Awareness moving from one thing to another. A few focused attempts at this and you will easily get a feel for this subtle, but permanent Identity.

All day long isn’t this all we do? We move from one thing to another… maybe so often that we are unaware of it. Look, you are aware of these words. Other times you are aware of your thoughts. Sometimes your awareness is on how you are feeling. You can even move as Awareness to your own breathing, right now… As you do this become aware of being aware.

Just noticing that you are ‘being Awareness’ is how you adopt Awareness as your identity. Recognizing Awareness makes it so that you are automatically living outside your ego. You get to view yourself from a short distance. You don’t have to try to create this distance, only know that you are Awareness and this buffered space becomes obvious by default.

Besides the world around you there is an inner landscape filled with thoughts, ideas and emotions. These are contained within yourself. Years of accumulated information has clustered to form self knowledge. You are aware of these things but you are not these things. You have a self but you are not yourself. You are Awareness. Awareness by nature is alive. The self is not alive. The self or ego is a set of experiences; a collection of data. It’s not a separate power working against you. This self-contained data has no actual power over your identity as Awareness. Try the exercise with different thoughts, feelings and memories and see how easy it is to move as Awareness from one to another. Notice how Awareness remains safe and unchanged.

Being Awareness is a permanent and effective approach to living well.

Living as Awareness is a constructive way to manage yourself, your relationships with others and the world at large. You aren’t fleeing from yourself or escaping yourself but rather, you are maximizing your effectiveness. You are gaining perspective from a neutral position. You are gaining insight. You are gaining freedom from turmoil. As Awareness you become responsible for yourself. You gain authority over yourself. You have control over yourself rather than being controlled by yourself or by the emotions, thoughts and circumstances that you become aware of.

There is no shortage of Awareness. You have it in abundance. It is Infinite and unlimited so you won’t have to fight anyone for your fair share. We all have the same amount. It is indestructible. Plus – It’s absolutely free! As if that weren’t enough – It was never born and never dies. Awareness is infinite and eternal! Imagine the freedom in standing safely above yourself rather than trapped inside it with all the emotional storms, anxiety, good and bad thoughts, lack, limitation, worries, concerns and utter confusion.

If you can get even the smallest sense of the idea that you are not yourself but that you are Awareness – you will immediately sense a new freedom.

You will be free from your past and easily weather the ups and downs of the present and unpredictable future. With this freedom intact you can get on with the healthy pursuit of your highest aspirations. As Awareness you can build the kind of self you prefer. [This is covered more in the Self-Engineering course due out at year’s end.] You can create a personal life that you find meaningful, valuable, unique and worthwhile. You will become your own best friend, parent, supporter and confidant! As Awareness you take an active role in shaping your life and anything good becomes possible. There is no limit to what you can become.

Recognizing your identity as Awareness brings a sense of peace. This inner peace clears the way to new understanding through Imagination. Imagination acted upon will result in building the kind of self you have always wanted.

Several times throughout the day, pause, get calm and practice being aware that you ARE aware… and it will become more familiar and natural.