Hi, my name is Brian with @Teach Self Awareness! Welcome to Faces of Awareness, the NEW YouTube Online Community Art Mosaic Project. I hope you’ll participate. Together, we’ll have fun, be creative, celebrate ourselves and others while opening our channels up to more views and subscribers!

Register to Download your Drawing Form:


Faces of Awareness Community Art Mosaic celebrates our greatest asset- people! Plus, it creates unique video content for our viewers while drawing attention to the importance of character strengths and Self-Awareness.

Simple Steps:

  • Register to download the drawing form.
  • Create your self-portrait; doesn’t matter how it looks, just have fun. Crayons or markers make it easy.
  • Identify 3 character strengths or principles about yourself that are important to you to talk about in your video.
  • Direct a SHORT video (3 mins or less). The point of the video is to
    A. Show your drawing so I can take a screenshot of it to use it for the mosaics.
    B. Deliver great content by talking about 3 character strengths in 3 mins or less. C. Let others know they can participate inthe projevct and provide the link in the description and pinned.  (If you need help you can use the opening script (below in the detailed instructions.) View my self-portrait video below as an example.
  • Upload your video. Use the title format and description (from the detailed instructions below.)
  • Return and post your link on @Teach Self Awareness in the comments of the Faces of Awareness Invitational Video. (Your link comment may come to my review filter first, so don’t worry if it doesn’t show up when you post.) Everyone who comes through the project will be able to CLICK YOUR LINK and GO TO YOUR CHANNEL to view your Faces of Awareness video! It’s easy to imagine this as a creative opportunity to attract more subscribers!

Detailed Instructions

Register and Download Your Drawing Form:

Enter your channel name (and optional url and title) to register. There is no cost. I need this to help me track and build the files of who is participating. Once you register and hit submit you can download your drawing form on this page.

Draw Your Self-Portrait:

Draw and color Your self portrait. Follow the instructions on the form. Its about participation not perfection. Have fun with it. Please keep it family friendly, lol. List your three character strengths/principles on the form so you know what to talk about it your submission video. You can film the drawing process if you want or present in another way, do it anyway you are inspired to – but be sure to stick around the general opening script below so others can participate and be sure to hold up the completed drawing in the video.

need help with what to say? use this script to start and end :

“This is my video for the Faces of Awareness project. It’s open to all YouTube Channels. Basically, I downloaded a special form, created my face and I am going to talk about 3 character strengths that are important to me, in 3 minutes or less. You can participate too. The link for the Invitational Video is below in the description. This is my self portrait (hold it up 3 – 5 seconds so that I can get a screen shot). The three character principles that are important to me are…” (then go into a little detail with each, one at a time.)

So, that’s my video for Faces of Awareness. If you want to be in it the link is below in the description. Thanks. (Hold up your portrait again, just in case I couldn’t get it clear in the opening, be sure its not tilted. I’m most focused on the drawing square. Hold it mostly close up, but not too close that it gets cut off. Be sure end screens don’t cover it.)

Hold up your Drawing:

Hold up your drawing for 5 seconds, straight on, so that your face square is big and in focus on the side of the screen. This is important for me to take a useful screenshot and use your drawing to unite with everyone’s in the Big mosaic. (view my actual video below).

Your Video Title:

Self Portrait and 3 Character Strengths (Your Channel Name) TubeMosaic Project

Your Video Description:

Copy and paste the following link and wording to your video’s description so your viewers can be part of the mosaic too. (The more people who are part of the project, the more opportunity you have to be seen by potentially new subscribers!)

This is my video for the Faces of Awareness Mosaic Project. You can participate too. Visit https://youtu.be/TNLq7JjkkoM to view the Invitation Video and register.

Faces of Awareness is a FREE project open to any YouTube channel. Basically, you download a special form, create a colorful self portrait and make a short video describing 3 character strengths or principles that are important to you. You don’t have to be an artist because, like most things in life, it’s about participation, not perfection!

The self portraits will be used to make a big community art mosaic to celebrate and appreciate ourselves and others – and to unite our diversity. Anyone can participate!

Pinned Link:

Pin this comment to YOUR video. Participate in Faces of Awareness through this link https://youtu.be/TNLq7JjkkoM


If you use keywords please include “self portrait mosaic” and “tubemosaic” as a keyword.

Post Your Video Link:

Return to the Invitation Video and post your uploaded video link in the comments. This will make your video accessible to all the people who are coming from many other channels to participate! Super subscriber exposure opportunities! **If your comment with link doesn’t show up when you post, don’t fret, trust it is there, it went into my review box and i will approve it and add it soon enough!**

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All my best- Brian