Why Reposition?

Why is your response position important? Let’s look at the two positions and see. We learned earlier that there are two positions for your identity to reside- either in your self or beyond your self. We also learned that people who only know their personal self as their identity are positioned in ‘self’ while people who know Awareness as their identity are automatically positioned beyond the limitations of their self. Lets look at the pros and cons.

If you remain under the impression that your ‘personal self’ is your identity your position of response will be rooted in your limited self. The world of the self is an intense environment of constant change marked by conflict, reaction, emotional disturbance and confusion. This is a position of selfishness or self-centeredness. Sounds messy doesn’t it? If we could get beyond this there is no limit to what we can accomplish.

If you undergo Identity Re-Positioning by adopting Awareness as your identity, you will move to a Response Position of neutrality and authority in relation to your personal self. You are free to exist beyond the limits of yourself. This means the world and its people lose their power over you. You will gain the ability to define what things mean rather then things pushing worry and fear onto you. You will be able to carve your preferences out of daily life, rather then feeling like a prisoner of circumstances and limitations. [The Self-Engineering course that is due out later this year is all about this.] This is a calm and secure position of confidence, ease, intuition, imagination and inspired action. It is what it really means to be ‘self-aware’.

If your Identity is your ‘self’ your mission control center [A+] is located inside the limits of your physical, mental and emotional body- this is a life of worries and reactions. If you decide to adopt ‘Awareness’ as your identity then you are safe to move beyond the limits of yourself and live full and free to bring new things into the world. Which position sounds better?
We can’t get rid of our self, nor would we ever want to, but with Identity Re-positioning we can emancipate our identity from it and begin to design a life of wellness.

Just be open to becoming familiar with the idea of seeing how the personal details of your life have been collecting around your Awareness. As you go through these lessons you are going to see more and more that your ‘personal self’ is something you have, not who you are.

As we move to the next two lessons we are going to look at just how it is that you have come to know everything that you know today. When you understand and recognize how you know what you know then you can find more evidence to support ‘Awareness’ as your identity.