Why Our Position Matters

What do you hope to gain by re-positioning your identity? The simple answer is- freedom from self-limitations and the problems that result.

Self (noun) is defined as “the part of us that makes us different from others.” It’s where our physical, mental and emotional experiences rise and fall. The truth is that it’s a tornado of information that never stops. It would be great to get a break from this. If you re-position your identity and get out of yourself you will have peace.

Everyone develops a self regardless of what part of the world they live in, how old they are or where they were born. We all have a self. It doesn’t matter if you are male or female, what language you speak, what socioeconomic conditions you face or religious beliefs you hold. Above all of our differences, having a self is something we all have in common.

No one can avoid developing a self. It begins early in life and continues constantly. Constant means all the time, day and night, awake or asleep. Our self remains active. If you’ve ever noticed your thoughts racing then you know what I mean. Developing a self happens to all of us. We receive, process and express information and as we do our self evolves.

Out of all the things you can learn in life, it is the understanding and operation of your very own self that matters most. Why? Because everything you face in life is experienced through your self.

We need to step past ourselves and recognize a stronger part of us that never changes so that we can stand firm in the face of what happens to us and what we become aware of.

Your self is your greatest asset; but what happens when an asset becomes a liability? If you have ever heard people say “I am my own worst enemy” then you know what I mean. The bottom line is that we just want to be comfortable in our own skin.

We want to be able to get along with others, spend time with them, help them and not cling to them. We want to be whole and independent but able to ask for help when needed. We want to do our best and to see the very best in others.

We want to feel ok with ourselves, our bodies, our thoughts, our past and all our idiosyncrasies. We want to be able to correct shortfalls. We want to know our hopes and dreams are admirable and obtainable. We want goodness and goodwill and to know we matter.

We want freedom and peace and moments of silence- to think, to consider, to wonder and imagine. To generate new options, to see past our limitations and act on our epiphanies.

We want to be inspired… and to have power to act on our inspirations. We want our lives to make sense.

We want courage and conviction to stand, even if we have to stand alone. We want our heart and mind to be open and pour out… unopposed, absolute, incredible and spotless.

We want health and wellness; prosperity and abundance. We want all the best in life and to know that anything good is possible.

Once you undergo Identity Re-Positioning there is no limit to the wellness that will evolve.

When you re-position your identity you will understand yourself as a valued friend, a helper, a worthwhile partner- an admirable hero.

You will see how your whole life has been a beautiful collection of forward momentum. It will reveal itself to be an immeasurable treasure that will bring gratitude, awe and honor.

You can know your self as a one of a kind, bright light and unique channel for newness.

Identity Re-positioning is also preventative. It will help you overcome the distress of taking things personally and the problems that stem from emotional and mental reactions.