Taking It Personally

We can’t avoid taking things personally because everything we experience in life we experience through our self. We are built so that everything is personal; whether or not these personal things hurt our identity will depend on our Response Position.

Why re-position your identity? Because when your identity is positioned as your ‘self’ then your personality will distort it.

Reality is a dynamic experience; it is constantly changing. Change is not your enemy. Change is normal and useful. It brings fresh opportunities for making decisions and handling reactions. Change revises your personal set of information. It renews and evolves your personal life.

Unfortunately, for people with self-centered identities, the valued changes that effect their self end up mishaping their identity and causing confusion. Imagine if everything in your house changed every 5 minutes- it would be maddening. Who we are becomes defined by what happens to us and what we are aware of. As a result we lose confidence and become easily influenced by others. Our circumstances and our environment overwhelm us. Life grows difficult and confusing.

This assault on our identity leads to insecurity and fear. From this position we imagine terrible scenarios, lose hope and assign worrisome meaning to the details surrounding ourselves and others. Over time, this ill approach to life becomes more ingrained. Any relief is only temporary and develops into a variety of dependencies. Blame becomes a barrier for successful, responsible action. We need a way to overcome this.

When you use Identity Re-positioning to move beyond your self to a Response Position of self-awareness your identity becomes unaffected by the confusing and powerful changes occurring to your personal set of information. You will be able to use personal change to act in constructive and meaningful ways rather then react, defend, fight or flee from it.

After successful Identity Re-positioning, ‘you as awareness’ live secure and protected. Your identity moves to a neutral position of authority- untouchable by the ups and downs of your personal life.

As Intelligent Awareness you ride change to new and wonderful experiences. You are able to feel a full range of emotions while still safely settled in a position of neutrality and authority. Life becomes a forward, upward adventure of wellness and realized aspirations.