Self Awareness

Identity Re-positioning™ leads to a Response Position© of neutrality and authority over your ever-changing self. This translates to self-awareness.

What is Awareness? It’s that strange part of us that is conscious, intelligent and aware of things… You know it as the invisible ‘inner you’ that looks through your eyes. It’s that intelligent presence that has been with you since you can first remember.

Your experience of the Awareness is reading these words right now, and even though they change as you read, the ‘Awareness’ in you remains the same. You are the unchanging Intelligent Awareness; an invisible observer that has been present ever since you were a child.

Awareness is with us when we are born. From day one it begins to notice things. A baby recognizes its mother’s scent. People point to things, name them and Awareness takes note. We learn about flowers, trees and our ABC’s. Awareness is in the business of noticing and naming. This is how we recognize, understand and make sense of things.
Our world needs Awareness to name it. Awareness uses words and images to describe things. It gets these words and images from other people and from things it has already labeled. It develops concepts, names and WordPrints© – one for each thing it knows!

As time go by, things add up. Before long, Awareness has collected, named, stored and processed an enormous amount of data. This data becomes your personal set of information. This database is your ever expanding ‘self’. But Awareness is not that self.

Being born as a self is nothing short of incredible. Having access to a personal set of information makes us human. We use our self to express new things, navigate the world and interact with others.

As we grow up and accumulate new information, Awareness calls some of these details “myself ” and the rest “not me”. This means that this Intelligent Awareness, at first, only knows itself as the set of information particular to your self. This explains why your personal self seems to be the default position for your identity.

In the typical course of individual development from birth onward, Awareness believes it’s a limited self.

Imagine that! Awareness – the intelligent, immaterial, unlimited part of your being only knows it’s identity as a limited set of information- your ‘self’.

This is a normal and natural process. Intelligent Awareness, in its purpose to evolve separate selves and create an expanding variety called the human race, until we learn otherwise, appears to forsake its limitless name to give rise to our amazing inanimate world. This is how the One is able to become many- “E pluribus unum” in reverse.

We are born first as a self, yet every self, without exception, is formed around the very same thing- Intelligent Awareness.

Identity Re-positioning™ presents conceptions required for a second birth- a stepping out of self-limitation and into a position of self-awareness. But the decision to move forward is yours and yours alone. It is a choice only you can make.

Now that you can clearly recognize your inner awareness – you can easily adopt it as your identity.

Your awareness and your personal ‘self’ have grown together as one until this very moment. Identity Re-positioning puts you in a position to make an important decision that will revolutionize your life. Will you decide to define your identity as Intelligent Awareness rather then your personal self? While it may seem impossible if you have never considered it before, it is not only possible, it is the best choice you can make.

When asked “who are you?,” you likely still think about personal details rather than your true identity; Intelligent Awareness– the part you that is immaterial, immortal, intuitive, intelligent and imaginative. Yet, the comfort and ease that comes by knowing this as your identity is the most desirable perspective. The teachings presented here are the doorway to this new way of life.

Think back to when you were a kid, the Intelligent Awareness that was looking through your eyes is the same one that’s reading this right now. Timeless. Ageless. It’s the part of you that never changes. It was never born and never dies. There is nothing more real, more available, and nothing better!

At latest count there were over 7 billion selves in the world. Add to this everyone who has ever lived and the number increases to 108 billion. These sets are designed to interact with each other and spark new variations. It’s an immense conglomerate of expanding knowledge. This is how Awareness is developing humanity. It’s fascinating to imagine what goal it might have in mind.

Awareness is in you and Awareness is in me. We are all Awareness connected to a personal self. When we know our identity as Awareness then our limited self takes its humble place as our helper. Awareness and self work together to bring new information into the world from Unlimited Imagination.

Information is everywhere! There are over one million words in the English language, 130 million books, 1 billion websites and we snap nearly 380 billion photos each year. So many sets of information, so many WordPrints!

When You as Awareness notice something you give it a name and a description. As an Intelligent Awareness you use words and images to make things familiar. You add this data to your personal set of information – to your ‘self’. Everything that enters the world enters it through your self. Everything that enters your self comes through you as Intelligent Awareness.

Identity Re-positioning™ separates the concepts of self and identity, defines the self as an information system, and defines Identity as an Intelligent Awareness. This process clears the way for you to shift your Identity from your limited self to unlimited Awareness, and it is as simple as deciding to recognize it.

What do you stand to gain?

A position of neutrality, which translates as a place of peace and clarity when it comes to the physical, mental and emotional storms that are constantly taking place in your personal self.

A position of authority, unopposed when it comes to deciding what is and what will be. This is a powerful position to consider options, correct reactions and construct the kind of self you imagine. As Awareness we are no longer competing against others, but instead become the absolute authority over our personal life. When this happens we stop blaming people and situations and stop accepting limited ideas. We understand that others have no authority over our self and that even though at times it seems like the world is against us– this is never the fact. In the position of authority, aligned in Awareness, we overcome the limits of our prior world.

Everything we face in life is experienced through ourselves, including all of our problems. Identity Re-positioning™ resolves this by moving your Identity to a position of neutrality and authority.

I have a self but I am not myself. I am an Intelligent Awareness. I am aware of myself and a world full of selves. I am self-aware. This is called Identity Re-positioning™.

From this position of response:

Your name is Awareness. You are the steward of a personal self designed to bring newness into the world.

When you know your Identity as Awareness you can truly claim to be self-aware. If you sincerely take this position then you are ready to move forward with Self-Engineering™; the next course after Identity Re-positioning™.

Self-Engineering™ covers topics that will teach you to develop and make the most of your Identity as Awareness. You will learn methods and techniques to develop the kind of ‘self’ you prefer. You will learn how to operate well in personal relationships, deal with difficult people, correct reactions and accomplish your deeper goals.

It will show you how to pass these techniques on to others. You will watch them become free of their struggles and realize their highest aspirations. Registration for the Principles & Practice of Self-Engineering course will be announced on this site later this year.

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