Response Position

A position is best understood as a location. For example, if you are brushing your teeth you are probably positioned or located in your bathroom. If you are making coffee you are likely positioned in your kitchen. A Response Position© is similar in that it refers to the location from where you view and respond to the world. Think of it like your mission control center where you sit, watch and make decisions on what to think, feel and how to act.

For this course there are only two Response Positions available to you:

  • Confined to your personal self
  • Located beyond your personal self

The quality of your life depends on which response position you are in. That location depends on whether you view your identity as a personal self or as an Intelligent Awareness. One is poor and the other incredibly wonderful and powerful.

Caterpillars are limited; Butterflies can move beyond this limitation. Caterpillars were born to become Butterflies.

You may have never imagined that it was possible to be located someplace beyond your ‘self’ but remember, anything is possible to imagine if you are willing to try. Children use their imagination without resistance so you can too because you were a child once.

This course was designed to help you learn to describe and recognize a location greater than yourself so you can make use of it. It’s ok if it hasn’t sunk in yet, just keep reading and all of the sudden you will ‘get it’.

As you consider the possibility that our real identity is ‘Awareness’ then you will gain access to a new Response Position that is safe from changing emotions and circumstances of your personal self.

You might be wondering how to do this. It’s actually really simple, so simple that it might seem too easy to believe. I will admit that most times if something sounds too good to be true then it is- but not in this case.

So, how exactly do you accept ‘Awareness’ as your real identity? Let’s discuss that in the next lesson.