When you are under the impression that your identity is your self then reactions and decisions will affect you deeply.

Reactions occur when certain words and images combine. Their collision leads to emotional outbursts. Emotion is power and a reaction is an explosion of unguided power. Imagine a child holding a fire hose; don’t turn on the water or Boom! Reaction. Daily struggles can be traced back to reactions. Our relationship with reaction makes a big difference in how our life unfolds.

Self-aware people react less because their identity is in a Response Position© beyond the ups and downs of their dynamic self. When they do react they correct their reactions. They get along well with others and have less conflict because they understand themselves and others as incredible individuals who bring renewal and variety to the world.

Self-aware people claim more power, make better decisions, are resilient, content, and intuitive. They exude a sense of well-being. They rise above challenges, navigate emotional conflicts, learn from their past, and shape brighter futures. They know that the self is something they have – they have learned that the self is not who they are.


Self-aware people make use of their self rather than getting used by their selves. They know anything is possible and make meaningful decisions with this in mind. As a result, they flourish in spite of their self limitations. The very reactions that cause most people problems are of no concern to the self-aware. Wellness becomes their response to life.

Identity Re-positioning™ teaches that reactions are the result of a blurred boundary between your Identity as an Intelligent Awareness and your ever-changing self.

We are in constant contact with power, but reaction is a power surge that makes it difficult to remain neutral and respond with constructive action. That’s why it’s so important to have a Response Position outside of our self if we expect to correct reactions and move forward with inspired purpose.

People who are over-identified with their personal self react more often. They don’t lack power- they lack a place to go after reacting; a Response Position from which to correct and neutralize the powerful reactions before they pile up and compel them to behave destructively and develop dependencies.

People need a way to effectively handle their mental and emotional disturbances; one that is natural, always available and free of negative side effects.

Identity Re-positioning is a step past your reactive self and into a position of neutrality– one where you have the authority to point power. From this Response Position you can consider options, correct reactions and construct an inspired life.

Identity Re-positioning breaks apart the concepts of self and identity, defines them separately and reassembles them in a relationship that works. The result is a shift in your understanding. In a position of neutrality, you can know your identity as an intelligent authority, safe and separate from your self, while still connected to it. This technique will allow you to design (or re-engineer) your life rather than react to it or run from it.