Lesson Attachments

This course is about you. In it you will be asked to think about yourself and how things in your life keep changing. After that we will talk about a special part of you that has never changed. When you know about this part of yourself then you will be able to live a much happier life. You will worry less and if you do it wont last long. Your fears will fade. If that weren’t enough, you will also begin to know what to say and do in most situations in your life and you will come up with original ideas and have the power to act on them.

When you think of yourself you probably think of your name, what you look like, your beliefs and more things like that.

You might also think about things that happened to you growing up, what you are good at, what you aren’t so good at and what you hope will and won’t happen in life.


Everyone thinks about these things. Some of these things can cause us to act poorly or be upset with ourselves. We may blame others. We may have developed problems that seem impossible to solve.

Everyone has their own personal details. That is what a self is made up of –  it’s a set of personal information. When you were first starting out in life you didn’t have any of this information. Everything was new to you. A blank canvas. Since then so much has become familiar and over time you have had both good and bad things happen.


But none of this really matters too much right now. The reason why is that this course is about finding something incredible that you have had with you from the very beginning of your life. It’s called “Awareness”. You may not have ever given much thought to what Awareness is or what it could possibly be.

Awareness is that ‘permanent you’ that has been with you from the start. It’s the part of you that has remained unchanged. Think of it as a shining star inside you that your personal life revolves around.

Awareness is that special part of you that has been looking through your eyes at the things of the world. It’s that part of you that sees things, knows things and collects things. Awareness has been there through all your past experiences and recorded every detail. You were probably so busy living life that you might not have ever noticed it.

Think of your Awareness as an indestructible, invisible intelligence that has attracted, recorded and holds together all your personal experiences.

What would happen if you found out that this Inner Awareness was the real you and that your personal life was just a series of experiences that it has witnessed over the years? Think of your personal ‘self’ as a set of information that has been collected, stored and is accessed by your Awareness.

If you were able to really believe this then your whole position for responding to life would change today. You would no longer be so worried or afraid by the changes that happen in your daily life and the lives of those you love because you would know that you can get through them and that we all exist beyond them.

You would feel a sense of ease in the face of day to day living because you would know your real self is safe and secure. You would be calm as you interact with your life from a neutral place and appreciate the variety of experiences that take place.

This course is going to talk to you about some simple ideas that will help you to see your personal self as a set of information and Awareness as the real you. If all goes well you will be able to join many other people who have found a new response position in life and tapped into the special identity that we were all born with. Let’s get started.