Identity Re-positioning™ uses a particular concept of the self that makes it possible to see your ‘self’ in such a way so as to strengthen your position of Awareness as your identity. Defining your personal self with the following concept will help you move beyond the intensity of your daily life and into a calm, more secure response position.

Before presenting this concept of the self, let’s consider a few basics on why concept development is important and how words, images, and their perceived meanings support everything we are aware of.

Concepts are abstract ideas. They are a ‘way to understand or approach something’. Concepts do not have to be factual or true to be useful, so, for our purposes, try to suspend judgment of concepts as being right or wrong.

We use conceptions to convey meaning and help us better understand, recognize, and make use of things.

When we want to understand something we build a set of descriptions that surround it. This is important because descriptions give it an identity apart from other things.

Descriptions provide definition to help us recognize things. See how the surrounding words point to the thing in the middle?

We build strong recognition by describing something with words and images. This is how we create familiarity, confident knowing and strong belief.

Look around… Its ALL words! Can you find something you don’t have a word for?

How we come to know things can be easily understood by using a simple diagram called a WordPrint©. The next lesson will introduce this visualization tool and reveal how it works.