Accessing The Wellness Within

As we face our day it’s normal to become angry, anxious or upset, especially when we find people or situations unacceptable. Strong emotions can cause reactions. Left unchecked, these reactions can create problems for ourselves and our relationships with others.

Emotion is power- and a reaction is an explosion of unguided power that can hijack our intentions. If negative it may lead to harsh words, regrettable actions and missed opportunities.

We cannot control the person or thing that elicits emotion, but with a simple practice we can enhance our ability to respond more and react less.

Today, when you are emotionally disturbed or unsure you can find relief if you Pause & Get Calm. By pausing I mean stop… take a moment… take a controlled breath.

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Using our breathing is the best choice because it’s always available, so we won’t build a dependency on something outside ourselves to find peace. When calm our heads clear and we are in less danger of acting out on negative thoughts or emotions. From here we can consider options and choose responses that align with our true values and principles.

Pause & Get Calm
Try it right now. Pause & get calm by paying attention to your breathing. Take a few slow and controlled breaths. As you exhale, notice and feel the sense of ease. It’s a mild state of euphoria. A quiet state of awareness.

Ah, awareness… peaceful, powerful, intelligent awareness. You know it as the calm inner presence that has been with us, as us, since we were children. It’s where logic, reason and intuition combine. From this response position we find new solutions to everyday issues and develop a sense of renewal. We argue less, are more even tempered and can say yes or no without feeling emotionally pressured.

At Ease More Often
Suddenly, the very things that disturb us are now helping us to access energy and insight. What seemed against us is now for us. Our ability to neutralize any disturbance translates to a deeper sense of ease. Opposition begins to fade.

A New Reaction
Practice makes perfect. Disturbing things are frequent so you’ll have plenty of chances to practice pausing & getting calm. Share your experience with others and your understanding will deepen. It will become more automatic. We embody what we think about, practice and describe with interest.I

More Energy
Since you aren’t spending energy on reactive retaliations you will have more for the things that matter most. You’ll tire less and have more agility. This all happens naturally.

Wellness Within
Your sense of wellness will deepen and expand. A quiet confidence and courage befriends you. Your thinking will be brighter. Your imagination becomes constructive. You will be more aware of being aware and better positioned to explore all that life has to offer.

Again, when aggravated or doubtful simply Pause & Get Calm, take a moment, take a breath. Before long it becomes a prescription for peace.

Extra Boost
Want to supercharge this practice? Why wait for disturbances. Write “Pause & Breathe” on 10 sticky notes. Spread them out along the timeline of your day- bathroom mirror, coffee maker, fridge, dashboard and so on. When you see one, do it and feel it. Get the whole family involved! Questions or comments? Email

Delaware park Living resident Brian Nesline is a New York State Certified Addictions Recovery Coach, Graphic Designer, Artist and Author of Identity Repositioning™ – a free course to help teach self-awareness. For more information visit