The Awareness Academy is a project designed to help 3rd & 4th graders to:

  • Recognize their Awareness.
  • Understand their Inner World (thoughts, feelings, memories & imagination).
  • Understand their Outer World (people, places, things & relationships).
  • Practice using their breathing to pause & get calm when anxious, angry or upset.

The project is an interaction over a 1 month with an option to extend it monthly and add other modules.

Students & Parents/Guardians are engaged in the message.

Day 1: Students receive a “Welcome to the Awareness Academy” Letter with a simple exercise to introduce them to the topic. The letter tells them that later in the week they will be receiving two special items from their teacher- one for them and a second for an adult in their home.

Day 2: Awareness Academy posters, quotes and visuals are hung in the school hall and classrooms.

Day 4: Pause & Get Calm™ bands are distributed with an official Awareness Academy member card. Letter goes home to adult explaining the project, website address and an initial activity (sticky note challenge)

Students can earn progress points good for snap-on buttons to collect for their Pause & Get Calm band